Nissan 350Z LED DRL

Nissan 350Z Reflector LED DRL

This is a great upgraded look for the pre-LCI Nissan 350Z so if your Z is about a decade old, you sure can upgrade it to make it look like the newer models. If you want a clean set of LED replacements for your 350Z, then this set of LED daytime running lights is pretty…

Tow Hook License Plate Relocator

License Plate Tow Hook Mounting Adapter for Your Car

Car fans all around seem to agree on one thing: their cars look much better without the front license plate right in the middle of the bumper. Many people even opt to remove the entire license plate completely. While the lack of the front plate in the middle of the bumper looks great, it does…

Truck Grille LED Lights on a 2014 Ford F150

This 2014 Ford F150 has mounted them vertically on the grille to give the truck a more spotlight kind of look. The LED assembly on the grille is a very simple addition to give your truck a more complete look. It doesn’t take much to install this set of F150 Behind Grille LED Lights, but…


LED Turn Signal Bulbs on Lexus IS

Error free LED replacement bulbs for front turn signal lights have been tested for an entire year on various vehicles to make sure that there’s no hyper flash, no warning message, and no resistors that need to be used in conjunction with these LED turn signal bulbs.