2009 Mercedes Benz GL450 Hella style Daytime Running Lights

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A 2009 Mercedes GL450 featuring iJDMTOY Hella LEDayline Style daytime running lights.  The 5-LED Daytime Running Light Kit has super bright LED lights and an authentic Euro look and feel.

The Euro LED driving lights comes with a universal fit LED daytime running light kit, DRL relay harness, and an ultra-slim design for easy DIY and installation.

Mercedes - Benz - GL450 - LED - daytime - running - lights - 4

Mercedes - Benz - GL450 - LED - daytime - running - lights - 2

Xenon White Hella Style 5-LED High Power LEDayLine LED Daytime Running Light (DRL) Lamps

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As always, iJDMTOY delivers the latest car LED products with the quality customers can count on.