LED Daytime Running Lights on High Beams Without Flickering!

We have a new product for Lexus and Toyota vehicles at http://www.iJDMTOY.com. For those of you that run daytime running lights using your high beams and experience flickering issues, we have come up with a special decoder that will eliminate the problem of malfuntion.

These decoders are custom designed to eliminate the flicker of LED daytime running light bulbs used on the high beam housing.

Try out a set of these for your daytime running lights and see if you don’t notice a difference!

Lexus - RX - 330 - LED - Daytime - Running - Light - 4

Lexus - RX - 330 - LED - Daytime - Running - Light - 3

Featured product: 9005 LED Bulbs plus DRL Decoder For Lexus Toyota Daytime Running Light

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