Flexible LED Strips For Car Interior Lights

In continuing the new trend in LED strip lighting for cars, iJDMTOY.com now offers a thin 12" SMD LED strip that uses micro 0603 SMD LED lights to offer a distinct led strip look. The micro lights on this led strip will work with any vehicle’s 12V power supply. Some customers use it for lighting up their speakers, windows, dashboard area, etc.

Recently, a customer sent us pictures after he installed the 12" LED strip lights on his 2007 Toyota Camry. He placed the thin led strips on the underside of his vehicle’s door for some accent lighting. You can hook these lights up to your courtesy door lights to have them function properly.

See how these light up in the pictures below.

Toyota - Camry - LED - strips - side - door - lights - 1

Toyota - Camry - LED - strips - side - door - lights - 2

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JDM Slim Ultra Blue/Xenon White/Brilliant Red/Light Green 12 inches 15LED Flexible LED Strip Lights for interior, under door or floor lighting

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