DRL 9005 Bulb – 2010 Honda Civic

Daytime running lights are great to have because of safety measures. More often now, these daytime running lights are becoming popular in factory installed vehicles like newer Mercedes and others. The primary benefit of daytime running lights is the measure of driver awareness. In addition, daytime running lights are becoming an aesthetic trend in the automotive industry.

You will find that it is often hard to install daytime running lights on your vehicle when the front bumper gaps do not provide adequate space. Using 9005 DRL bulbs will solve the problem. The 9005 LED bulb goes right into the headlight and provides added high beam function too.

You can install 9005 LED bulbs as a DIY project or have a friend or mechanic put it in for you. The guides on how to do it are under Tech Support | DIY Guides on iJDMTOY’s website.

The DRL 9005 bulb featured below belong to iJDMTOY’s 68-SMD LED bulbs. This Honda Civic (the 2010 model) has extra decoders to prevent flickering and ensure quality from the DRL LED bulbs.

Honda - Civic - 9005 - LED - Bulb - 3

Honda - Civic - 9005 - LED - Bulb - 1

Featured product: 9005 LED bulbs

9005 LED car bulb

9005 LED car bulb

Special decoders for 9005 LED bulb

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