BMW E70 X5 Angel Eyes “Demon Eyes”

Hyper white LED angel eyes are an upgrade to BMW angel eyes, which are daylight running lights that provide driver awareness when driving without headlights on. Some refer to BMW angel eyes as "demon eyes headlights" because of the intimidating appearance these lights give when coming down the road. The color of factory oem angel eyes is a orange yellow. With headlights equipped with HID lights, this does not contrast well. If this is the case, the old yellow angel eyes will not look well with factory HIDs. An alternative is to upgrade the yellow angel eyes to pure white LED angel eyes

The LED angel eye replaces directly with the factory angel eyes. To help ensure the color and brightness, there are CAN-bus decoders that plug directly into the harness.

The LED lights have a thirty-day money back warranty.

If your BMW vehicle fits the following models, the LED angel eyes will correctly install:

1 Series: E87 Hatchback 2008 and up
E82 Coupe 2008 and up

3 Series: E90 Sedan 2009 and up
E92 Coupe 2007 and up
E92 M3 2009 and up
E93 Convertible 2008 and up

X Series: E70 X5 2007 and up
E71 X6 2008 and up

Z Series: E89 Z4 2009 and up

The BMW X5 below has on the BMW LED angel eyes.

BMW - X5 - Angel - Eyes - 1

BMW - X5 - Angel - Eyes - 2

BMW - X5 - Angel - Eyes - 3

BMW - X5 - Angel - Eyes - 4

BMW - X5 - Angel - Eyes - 5

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