BMW E90 325i LED Interior Makeover for Less Than 10 Bucks

The difference between LED interior lamps and regular interior lamps is color and brightness. From a dull yellowish amber color to a stunning and bright white color is unmistakable. It will add the finishing touch to your luxury BMW. It will add the frosting on your cupcake. It will add the mustard on your hot dog.. well you get the point.

Here we see our customer’s 2006 BMW E90 325i with stock interior bulbs. Not very exciting. Looks very dull. I suppose the only thing I want to do in this car is to take a nap.

Now our customer fitted Xenon White LED interior lights. The car feels different now. It’s more luxurious and cool. This nice color and brighter composition makes me feel like I’m in Battlestar Galactica. Makes me want to jump in and go for a nice ride.

Even the stick shift and DVD player looks more modern. The silver texture looks clean and polished. Now I understand why people love to touch all the buttons and configurations in new cars.

In case you’re wondering about installation, it’s quite simple. LED interior lights are user friendly so even car amateurs will have no problem installing them. Just remove older bulbs and replace it with LED, no other wiring or technical skills needed.

LED interior lights provide a certain effect to one’s car. The effect is almost alluring. Xenon White adds a nice touch of slickness to the inside of a BMW. Think of the lights as an affordable BMW LED Interior Makeover. If you or someone you know are looking for a little modification for their BMW, think about LED interior lights.

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