Upgrade Your 2009 Honda Civic Si with LED Map Lights

LED technology has become used in almost everywhere from flashlights to traffic lights! Many car manufacturers are already switching from filament to LED. However some cars still use filaments. I don’t know some manufacturers still use filaments. I mean LED is a great investment. It may be a bit more pricey but with the energy efficient technology and long lasting life, it’ll save money! But if all manufacturers started to install LED then I wouldn’t have a chance write about this blog now would I? As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t have a job anymore.

So what’s so special about LED dome lights? Like I have mentioned, it illuminates much brighter than factory bulbs and runs on fewer energy. Many LED dome lights come in different colors as well. Here we see our customer’s pure xenon white LED dome lights on his 2009 Honda Civic Si. The glorious white glow bathes the interior brightly. Amber filament bulbs hardly support enough light and not to mention illuminates a boring orangey look.

Xenon white LED dome lights just make me want to jump into his car. Even the seats and wheel look brand new. It’s amazing how much a pair of two little bulbs can do for your car. If you or a friend is looking to change their cars, the LED dome lights are a wise and easy installation for any drivers.

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