2008 Lexus IS250 Installed with iJDMTOY Direct-Fit LED Interior Package

Look at those leather seats. Doesn’t look like a single finger print nor speck of dust appear to be on those cow hides. But in reality, it’s the help of LED dome lights. LED dome lights makes everything look new and clean!

The seats feel so comfy. The wheel looks so sleek. The dashboard looks so neat, heck I can eat right off of it! Please don’t take the last portion seriously, we won’t hold any responsibility for anyone getting sick from eating off their car’s dashboard.

Xenon White light appears very much like natural sunshine. Therefore the interior of this 2008 Lexus IS250 looks so natural like it is new. Compare the LED dome light to the outside light, the LED lighting is even brighter! LED dome light stand out nicely during the night and day.

You don’t need to have leather seats to match LED dome lights. LED dome lights take car of your car interior! LED dome light is a smart and significantly investment for those who wish to improve their car’s appearance considerably. So even car enthusiasts or not so enthusiastic-about-cars individuals will find LED dome lights a very good investment without leaving a hole in their wallet.

It’s 2011. Kids are learning the alphabet with iPads, Facebook takes over our social lives, LED is the new leading technology in automotive lighting. It’s about time your car deserves the best lighting style.

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