Error Free 2825 LED on 2008 Mercedes C350

If own a 2008 Mercedes C350 you may want to tune up your cars or trucks with a pair of LED License Plate Lights.

Installation is a piece of cake. All you have to do is to replace your stock 168, 194, 2825 or W5W bulbs with these Error Free 2825 LED bulbs. We assure you the LED bulbs will light up properly and stay on error-free without flickering, as our experience is based on series of much time tests.

The Error Free 2825 LED bulb is equipped with 5 pieces 3-chip 5050 SMD CREE LED Chips and what’s more – your car will never display an error information when you install these LED License Plate lights, because of the built-in CAN-bus controller.

Just take a look at the brightly lit Xenon White license plate of this Mercedes W204 C Class and think about how it will appear when you cut off some other vehicle on the street. The brightness of these LED bulbs is emitted simply because of the 360 degree style and will make your car or truck shine.

Once you mount these LED License Plate Lights your car won’t look stock anymore. And one of the best parts is the affordable price of these bulbs? Fantastic quality at very low price!

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