Mercedes LED DRL on 2011 Mercedes E350

The Mercedes-Benz W212 is a sedan sold as the ninth-generation E-Class, changing the previous W211 model just as we are planning to change the monotonous DRL (Daytime driving lights) bulbs on this 2011 Mercedes E350 with these beautiful Mercedes LED DRL bulbs.

We mounted them quite simple and you shouldn’t have troubles regarding this part. The initial point you have to do is to take out the DRL. On the back you’ll see a shiny plate which you can remove carefully with a screwdriver. Then pull out the dull halogen bulbs and put the new W212 LED bulbs there. Eventually, put back the DRL and plug it. Don’t worry whether this new bulb will fit, because as you can see on the picture, the measurement is the same. That was easy issue, right? Please pay attention and are thinking about that these SH23W LED Bulbs are for 2010-2011 Mercedes W212 E Class Sedan or Coupe (non-HID headlight version).

The Error Free Super Bright Xenon White LED bulb is equipped with 68 SMD pieces and we assure you there will be no flickering troubles at all. Its LED technology will offer lighter lighting and wider output. Basically, you’ll drive better and much more comfortable with all these Daytime Running Lights bulbs. Your car will never indicate an error information when you set up this kit, and be certain that Mercedes W212 E Class is a clever auto.

This 68-SMD SH23W (P13W) LED bulbs will allow your Mercedes E Class the premium package with the LED Daytime Running Lights look without the Premium expense! Really, why pay a fortune for a modern, stylish, cool look, when you can just buy this product and have all these types of items including the luxury look. Along with all the nice stuff, daytime will be smarter. Quick and affordable, this LED DRL is the simplest ways to totally change your Mercedes E350’s look.

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