Introducing Trunk LED Lights for 2008 Mercedes C350

Cargo Area LED Lightscargo area led lights 1

We have mounted this LED bulbs for a 2008 Mercedes C350 for trunk area lights and the result was no less than amazing.

cargo area led lights 2

In these days LED bulbs are installed everywhere? Headlights, turn signals, daylight running lights, parking lights, license plate lights, interior lights, and now we are planning to show you the super bright trunk of this 2008 Mercedes C350.

cargo area led lights 3

Each HyperFlux T10 bulb consists of 13 approx 1/4 watt 1210 Cree Made SMD Lovely High Quality Ultra Bright LEDs, which are much brighter and colourful than the stock OEM yellowish tungsten lights. This indicates the T10 LED bulb is almost double the length of a stock 168 tungsten light, so please make sure that the following T10 SMD LED bulb will fit in the housing prior buying.

cargo area led lights 4

As these LED bulbs will work for the Mercedes W204 C Class, the following is a step-by-step installation instruction. The first thing you have to do is to locate the screws (review the picture. we circled them in white). Following, you need to remove the screws and very carefully remove the trim panel. At this point you should find the adapter and unplug it. Once doing this, exchange the stock bulb with the LED one and make a test. If it doesn’t light up, don’t worry? As the LED lights has + and terminals, simply flip the LED bulb 180 degrees. Finally, put in everything back and voila, your Mercedes W204 C class has excellent brand new cargo area LED lights.

cargo area led lights 5

In the event that you have to spice up your trunk, do it in color? We offer this extraordinary product in three colors – Xenon White, Ultra Blue and Brilliant Red. How many times you had troubles finding things in the trunk at night? Properly, the owner of this 2008 Mercedes C350 has no more troubles, as these lovely and cooler Mercedes C350 Trunk LED bulbs will light up even the darkest cargo areas.

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