What about Carbon Fiber Sheet for 1998 Mercedes ML 320

Carbon Fiber Sheet 1

On this occasion we are going inform you in relation to one of our users and his 1998 Mercedes ML 320, which got some elements wrapped in a Carbon Fiber Sheet. Aaron sent us all these pics by using Facebook and as soon as we saw them, we were determined to create an article concerning this kind of stylish great-looking project.

Carbon Fiber Sheet 2

Aaron purchased Carbon Fiber Sheet from our store, and as it feels, he had his project in mind currently. Basically, the Carbon Fiber Sheet got very useful application – Aaron decided to give quite a few stock elements a new sophisticated carbon-look. He placed the Carbon Fiber sheet to his SUV’s grille, and then to the emblem, and eventually to the trunk trim, making the vehicle looks like a custom-prepared ride from a tuning company.

Carbon Fiber Sheet 3

We say that that the final results are wonderful, and the goal is accomplished – his 1998 Mercedes ML 320 SUV was freshened up with a pretty tiny amount of dollars. And indeed, what you get for this price is an extremely quality item. All these sheets are by far the the majority of popular 3D Twill-Weave Carbon Fiber Wrap, without the higher cost of actual carbon fiber material. The following special carbon fiber sheet is made of UV resistant vinyl that features a carbon fiber textured finish off, and the true 3D texture looks like the legitimate look of glossy carbon fiver. Most of the highlights of our product are the lasting acrylic pressure-sensitive self-adhesive; the water resistance; the capacity to stretch with heat; and at last, but not the least, the long lasting life span.

Carbon Fiber Sheet 4

We like to point out, "just use your thoughts", since this kind of carbon fiber wrap will convert anything you want into a stylish carbon fiber look without paying the carbon fiber price. Aaron did exactly the same thing with his 1998 Mercedes ML320 and we are pretty sure he is really joyful with his tuning project.

Carbon Fiber Sheet 5

Carbon Fiber Sheet 6

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