HID Angel Eyes for 2010 BMW 335i Reviews

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When we offer high quality items, there will be satisfied buyers – just like the owner of this particular 2010 BMW 335i, who acquired a Super Bright HID Angel Eyes Kit for his vehicle. It feels he desired to do a huge upgrade and we think he made a best decision with this product.

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The revolutionary fresh made BMW Angel Eyes with HID are double brighter than the all brand new 2011 BMW 3 or 5 Series’ OEM LED Angel Eyes and a minimum of three to four times brighter than the regular H8 halogen Angel Eyes. Yet you can appear to that conclusion simply just by looking at the images of this particular "BMW E92 Black Beauty". The Xenon White 6000k color is much brighter and in cloudy days and night time it seems no less than superb! One more client compared the lighting result of these types of HID Angel Eyes using his headlights’ output, yet we totally don’t advise applying them as headlights – protection first.

HID Angel Eyes 3

Another major feature of this Kit is the particular developed shortened H8 HID bulb for precise Angel Eyes beam pattern. The smaller bulb emits focused light precisely in the center of the rings, which effects in a higher output and lack of annoying glare when compared with another HID kits. As opposed to those manufacturers, our HID Angel Eyes are purely plug and play installation, no modification needed at all. What’s more, there will be no more annoying error messages on the dashboard, thanks to the error free decoder included in the package. As well as at last – you can set up the Angel Eyes on a broad variety of BMW models – 1 Series E87, E82; 3 series E90, E92, E93; 5 Series E60; X and Z series, too. Look at our item page for a total list, however i highly recommend you note that for these kinds of BMW HID Angel Eyes to match, your BMW must have factory set up HID Headlights first.

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To conclude we’ll claim that this is a purchase that you can’t go wrong with. If you are exhausted of the cheesy amber light of the stock Angel Eyes, in that case the following is for you, merely as our buddy with the 2010 BMW 335i upgraded his auto with the wonderful Super Bright HID Angel Eyes Kit.

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