Nissan 350Z with Underbody Lights

Underbody Lights 1

We are certain there is no one out there who doesn’t know The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift movie – the one with the DK’s (Drift King) badass Nissan 350Z; well, the following Z doesn’t separate the tradition of past Fast and Furious autos (the types covered in retina-scorching candy-colored paint, covered in 20 pounds of obscenely awful vinyl design), nevertheless it’s tuned up with these excellent Underbody Lights.

Underbody Lights 2

In reality, this particular vehicle truly looks very damn good. Too great! Just have a look at the sum of light output, the brilliant lighting that occurs under the body of this LED furnished automobile. Along with that’s not everything, you still don’t understand some of the coolest features of this kind of ground effect LED kit.
It is universal fit! It can be established on each automobile – car, SUV, SAV, truck, etc. This kit could be an amazing touch to your pretty tuning project – and at a ridiculously low price!

Underbody Lights 3

We try to offer our customers with top quality items – with thanks to the fresh design, using the latest 3-emitter RGB SMD LED lighting instead of the regular specific colored LED diodes, every single RGB SMD light equals to 3 common LED bulbs. Its such as receiving 3 LEDs with only 1 RGB SMD Chip and 50% additional lighting output compared to the tradition LED diode underbody kit.

Underbody Lights 4

You don’t need to be an engineer, to set up these kinds of LED strips. Truly, they are extremely simple to mount – zip-tie the four LED strips underneath the car’s front, rear, left and right and link the wires to the control module. Then tap the red and black wires of the module to the positive and negative terminals of the power supply.

Underbody Lights 5

In case green is not your favourite color, or doesn’t match your own ride’s paintjob, don’t worry – these types of LED strips are ready to provide 7 colors – Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, and White. Want to impress everybody? Then use the remote to manage the LED underbody kit from up to 60 ft away – turn lights on/off, alter light emitting patterns! Certainly, you can upgrade your beloved four-wheel vehicle by using our Underbody Lights, and seem like that pimped out Nissan 350Z.

Underbody Lights 6

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