2010 Mercedes E350 Installed with Mercedes HID bulbs

D1S or D1R Xenon Replacement HID Light Bulbs

This 2010 Mercedes E350 is certainly a state-of-the-art fantastic car, that doesn’t get excessive room for advancements, nevertheless adding a set of two of High Quality D1S wonderful and brilliant JDM Garax Mercedes HID bulbs is usually a great expense. This kind of guy upgraded his Benz with JDM D1S replacing bulbs and currently he’s a lot more than happy with his order. Certainly we didn’t expect everything less than that – joking: )

D1S HID bulbs 1

He bought the 8000k model and instantly replaced the stock 4300K D1S HID bulbs. Take a good look at the pictures listed below – the brilliant blue color lights brightly and remains really noticeable even during daytime. You will probably trust us that the unattractive yellowish appearance of the OEM bulbs just doesn’t match the overall ambitious appearance of this particular beautiful automobile. This is where we come – we offer you JDM D1S or D1R HID replacement bulbs in many colors: ultra white color (6000K), brilliant blue color (8000K), deep blue (10000K) and violet purple color (12000K) at extraordinary good price! This kind of is what we call a good deal!

D1S HID bulbs 2

If you just go order this particular add-on for your beloved vehicle and are anxious whether you will be qualified to change the OEM bulbs, relax – installation is most likely easier than ever. The JDM Garax D1S or D1R HID light bulbs are direct replacing, as there is no customization needed, basically plug and play. Everybody will like a excellent looking auto at nighttime, and especially this auto – black Benz E350 with a hint of blue.

The following buyer was seeking a greater lighting output and a more extreme look for his ride. We imagine this kind of add-on is excellent for his needs, and you saw the final result. Having that "Black Beast" 2010 Mercedes E350 with 8000k D1S HID bulbs is more than attractive – it is gorgeous.

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