2009 BMW 1 Series with Yellow Headlight Film

Yellow Headlight Film 1

As I was passing by the Whole Oil Booth and their race-ready 2009 BMW 1 Series, I stumbled on a cool aftermarket accessory – a Yellow Headlight Film. These yellow tint seems to be merely wonderful and presents the BMW glossy golden touch. Truly, this particular automobile seems much more ambitious with the Yellow Vinyl and certainly made quite a few individuals stop-by and have a great look at the headlights. That’s just what caught my eye, too.

Yellow Headlight Film 3

The particular headlight projectors appear like the yellow eyes of Godzilla and I bet you’ll really like the appearance of all these Angel Eyes shining through the golden tint vinyl. It was superb – this yellow headlight film with combination of black and white paintjob is practically nothing less than a feast for the eyes!

Yellow Headlight Film 2

Good, here’s many more facts – if you like this item, you don’t have to spend huge amount of money to obtain yellow tinted headlights, as you can get the exact high quality modern Yellow Headlight Film at JDM Toy for simply just some bucks. You’ll be surprised how effortless this particular cool and trendy look could be attained – basically clean the surface and use the yellow vinyl sheet to your headlights or fog lights. Then simply just cut off the extra parts and that’s all – JDM’s product won’t injury your lamp, nor keep any residual later when you get rid of it. It is universal fit, stretchable, water resistant, self-adhesive and long lasting funky equipment, which will give your vehicle racing appearance for merely some bucks.

Prior to I keep on my review on a different new item, found in the SEMA show, have a good look at the black and white 2009 BMW 1 Series with these beautiful yellow headlights and are considering JDM’s Yellow Headlight Film if you choose to equip your vehicle with many of the most current styles in the aftermarket car world.

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