How to Install Under Car LED Puddle Lights on Scion xB

LED Puddle Lights 1

If you believe which the second-generation Scion xB is a nice modern-looking vehicle, next consider the following 5-door model prepared with LED Puddle lights, which are incredibly cool and trendy all these days and became renowned thanks to Brabus – a well-known German tuning company. As you can find, the guys, who well prepared this kind of shown show car did great job and should have our admiration.

LED Puddle Lights 2

I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting something particular when I reached to open the door, but I was shocked when the LED Puddle Lights lit up the floor. You may possibly have undoubtedly observed the ideal lighting spots of all these bad boys, however the actual surprise came when I understood I was seeing them even in very well-lit areas. You can’t deny all these LED Puddle Lights surely make impression – I hardly ended personally from kneeing down and looking under the side skirts like a kid in a candy store. That was the time when I got so determined to inquire around and to discover the same awesome item in the JDM Toy store.

LED Puddle Lights 3

Their deliver is a actual deal – one set of under car LED Puddle Lights consists of 2 pieces of 36 inches (60cm) long LED strips and each LED strip is included with 5 pieces 9-LED modules. Basically, this particular is the same super bright waterproof kit as the one presented earlier mentioned. Nevertheless what’s more, JDM’s kit includes all needed for its right installation and it is universal fit for pretty much any compact to mid size vehicles.

LED Puddle Lights 4

I imagine researching the Scion xB and its sophisticated under car LED Puddle Lights is a good ending to the SEMA 2011 reports I started a week ago. Hope I was helpful to all of you and don’t ignore to consider the JDM Toy store for supreme LED car lights accessories.

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