LED License Plate Lights Take Care of the Rear of Your Bimmer

iJDMTOY carries LED license plate lights directly fits BMW E46 M3 CSL, E90/E91 and E92/E93. With built-in CAN-bus load resistors, No OBC error guaranteed.


Error Free LED License Plate Lights To Upgrade Your Car

When driving on the road you should get bright enough lights for visibility. Also it helps if the people behind you can see you driving. Sometimes brake lights do the job but if you’re not braking the only other light that is on is license plate lights. License plate lights are a great aesthetic upgrade…

BMW X5 Error Free LED License Plate Lights Pictures

New Page 3 Many people have trouble with LED license plate lights on European vehicles because of the "bulb error" that shows up on the dashboard. We have a solution!  Presenting the new Error free LED license plate lights specially designed for European vehicles without triggering an error message on your dashboard. These pictures were…